Local Website Promotions provides:


  • Highly customizable web sites. We work with the WordPress architecture. This form of website allows multiple themes, is absolutely loved by the search engines, and can be modified easily by either your webmaster or you. See a few examples on our Website Design page.
  • Local promotions to get you to page one of Google and keep you there. Google’s algorithm is constantly being changed. Our methods meet all those changes with “white hat” solutions to retain or improve your search engine position. Check how we’ve done for a few customers on our Website Design page.
  • Consultation. If you have an existing site that isn’t performing and just want to chat about it or have it analyzed, we can dig into the background, look at the competition and offer suggestions.

Please use our Contact Us page with any questions and we will get right to you. Alternately, you can always call my cell at (843) Eight Seven Zero – 9469